Just Another Medic

This site was created as an outlet for my personal views and hopefully informed opinion regarding various aspects of the career to which I dedicated a large portion of my life, emergency services in general, disaster response and emergency medicine in particular.

In a thirty-plus year career I have had the privilege of watching the the profession grow and change, from the TV show, “mother-may-I” beginnings of “EMERGENCY!” to the increasing ability of Paramedics to practice on their own, using their special skill set and education to make clinical judgements without direct hospital contact. The role continues to expand.

I have been fortunate to work on both coasts of the United States, in both the private sector and in public service, been a volunteer in a small rural town and a paid professional in a large city, worked in the hospital and in the street, to have travelled extensively, and to have worked with fellow professionals in first and third world countries.

While I am no hero, I’ve worked with many. I have been decorated, and I have failed. I’ve saved a few lives and I’ve watched a lot of people die. Had successes and made mistakes.

I hope readers find this of value. It is likely to irritate some, as I hold what might be considered contrarian views to some accepted “wisdom”.

The internet and social media being what it is, for now it will remain anonymous as I do not wish any controversy to reflect back upon organizations for which I have worked, or may work in the future. This may change as time goes on, we’ll see how it goes.

As I am just as capable of random bullsh*t as anyone, civil discourse is welcomed. Abusive, racist or uncivil remarks will be deleted.

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